BlueBean’s most important service is providing a solution that meets your specific goals and needs. In order to accomplish this, we provide the following RFID consulting services to our clients:

RFID Business Process Consulting (Analysis)

No RFID solution is possible without first understanding your business processes. With our background in business process improvement and our RFID experience, the best benefit of utilizing RFID may lie in updating your processes and practices.

RFID System Design

With our understanding of your business processes, our extensive integration experience and our knowledge of the various RFID technologies, BlueBean will design a custom solution that best addresses your needs and requirements. Our design, which covers everything from the hardware and software to integration services, is guaranteed to meet your specifications.

RFID Implementation Roadmap

The Roadmap consists of the steps required for implementing the system design. It outlines the recommended hardware and software, along with the necessary installation and integration services necessary for a successful project.

RFID Pilot (Proof of Concept)

As there are many variables that can affect the outcome of a RFID-based solution, a pilot many times is recommended as no two projects or environments are the same. This real-world test will allow BlueBean to optimize the solution before rollout.

RFID Full System Implementation

BlueBean can fulfill all the roles required for implementation, from project management and hardware fulfillment to reader configuration and backend integration. BlueBean is an authorized reseller for the top RFID hardware manufacturers, both passive and active.

RFID Custom Software Development

BlueBean has the experience and knowledge to provide all levels of software development services. Whether you require middleware development or integration with PLCs, industrial control systems, backend databases or ERP systems, BlueBean has the capability to fulfill most software development requirements.

RFID Support and Training

Once your project has been implemented, BlueBean is still there for you. We can help train your staff on the new system. We also provide both hardware and software support along with additional support packages.

Blue Bean is an RFID consulting and systems integration company that focuses exclusively on RFID solutions, RFID compliance mandates, and simplifying the implementation of RFID technology.

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